Juvenile Facilities

We take panels into several local correctional facilities where inmates can't get out to attend a meeting.  Typically, we suggest 1 year of Sobriety, at least 1 year off Probation or Parole (some facilities require more years) 

  • South O.C. H & I  Orientation
  • Facility clearance forms
  • Orientation (if required)

Juvenile Hall

331 The City Drive, Orange, CA. 92868,.(714) 935-6660 

Orange County Juvenile Hall is a 434-bed institution for juvenile law violators operated by the Orange County Probation Department in the city of Orange. It houses boys and girls, generally between ages 12 and 18 who are detained pending Juvenile Court hearings in the adjacent Betty Lou Lamoreaux Juvenile Justice Center, being tried as adults in Superior Courts or who remain in custody by order of the Juvenile or Adult Superior Court.

Panel Coordinator: Mark M. (949)630-1812

Current Panels 6:30-7:30

Panel Leaders (Currently filled) but we need Speakers for the 4th Thursday & 4th Saturday of each month.

3rd Saturday Unit T

4th Thursday Unit Z

4th Saturday Unit O

Youth Guidance Center

3030 N. Hesperian St., Santa Ana, Ca 92706. (714) 836-2700. 

  • Directions: 5 Fwy to the 22 West exit La Veta Ave go left (south) then right on Hesperian to end.   Alternate route; from 405 fwy take Bristol St north past Memory Lane, left on Hesperian (USA station) to end.  Press call button at gate and identify yourself.

The 80-bed Orange County Youth Guidance Center (YGC), operated by the Orange County Probation Department, offers Substance Abuse rehabilitation for minors ranging from 13 through 20 years of age. The facility provides centrally located accommodations to meet the commitment needs of the Juvenile Court. Of the 80 beds at the facility 60 are for boys and 20 are for girls.

Day/Time: Every Tuesday of the month. 7:00 to 8:00 PM

Instructions: Always sign in the VIP book at the administration office.  Always have your driver’s license.  Then a person from the unit will take you to the correct door and let you in, the doors are now locked.
One-time clearances must be emailed to Mark at least one week ahead for guest speakers to get clearance from Terry and then Jeanne will let you know if they are ok

Panel Coordinator: Mark M. (949)630-1812                                           

Panel Leaders (Currently filled) but we do need Speakers!
1st Tuesday, 3:00 pm 
2nd Tuesday 5:00 pm
3rd Tuesday 5:00 pm
4th Tuesday 5:00 pm

Get Cleared Now! Download clearance Forms & Email to Jeanne H. with questions. ​She will submit and contact you with details.

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